• How to Join A Google Classroom

    1. Go to Clever.com

    2. Sign in using your student ID number and password. (ex. username: 12345 password: pusd12345)

    3. Click the link for Google Classroom

    4. This will tell you login and password you need for the new Google Classroom. Your classes should already be added!

    Please Note:

    • You must use your @pittsburgusd.net accounts

    • Use your actual name when registering



    Learning Center (2nd Period) - (A) yjzy62p (B) ar5spra

    Math 8 (3rd Period) - (A) ithylau (B) u54h2zs

    Math 7 (4th Period) - (A) wk2unox (B) lwzqsa2 

    Math 8 (5th Period) - (A) 5dpzeia (B) wegmpwe


    Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom


    Remind Codes: 

    Learning Center: @learning8n

    Math 7: @math7nol

    Math 8: @math8nol