Welcome Students and Parents/Caregivers:

    The information you find on these pages is meant to supplement the assignments and news you get from your general education teachers and the Google Classrooms that they have set up.

    Given the recent school closure, my two support classes and students on my caseload will be using Google Classroom to maintain our classwork and communication. Please use the following information to ensure you-and your parents-are up to date on all assignments for support classes, and that those of you on my caseload are getting the help you need in your other classes (including receiving your accommodations.)

    Please understand that though you are not physically attending school, it is important for you to keep up with your assignments in all your classes. Please let me know if I can help you with anything!


    Be safe, take care of each other and stay informed. I will see you all when we resume our face to face schooling in the fall.


    All students on my caseload: Google Classroom Code: 4ruqvbe

    5 Period Google Classroom Code: fgyazo7

    6 Period Google Classroom Code: udluum6


    All my best regards,

    Sally Schmidt




     Seniors!!! You still must pass your classes!

     Just in case you heard otherwise:-)