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    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, 

    Hello and welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  My name is Susan Rideout, and I teach Biology, Medical Chemistry and Public Health.  I am excited to be returning to campus and getting to know all of you!  

    The best way to learn is to participate and stay connected!

    1). Sign up for REMIND (parents/guardians AND students)

    2). Enroll in google classroom (students) and check your email daily  

    Biology Periods 2 and 3:                                               

         Remind:  Text @3g7bdf to 81010                          

    Medical Chemistry Period 4:

         Remind:  Text @8d897g to 81010

    Public Health Periods 5 and 6:

         Remind:  Text @c9d2a9 to 81010


    Google Classroom (through CLEVER):       

              Period 2 use the code mzhy3dh

              Period 3 use the code 7a35owh

              Period 4 use the code  rpef5di                                     

              Period 5 use the code l3pyuis

              Period 6 use the code  vhdtarx


    Mrs. Rideout's contact information:

    • email:  srideout@pittsburgusd.net
    • cell (925)323-4112

    Be well.  Be Safe.  Keep learning and DON'T hesitate to be in touch!

    ~Mrs. Rideout