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    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, 

    Hello and welcome to Quarter 3!  My name is Susan Rideout, and I teach biology and chemistry.  Although our methods of teaching and learning are still altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am committed to making our time together engaging, meaningful and interactive. 

    The best way to learn is to participate and stay connected!  All the information you need is listed below.

    1). Sign up for REMIND (parents/guardians AND students)

    2). Enroll in the new 3rd quarter google classroom (students) and check your email daily  

    Chemistry Periods 1 and 2:                                               

         Remind:  Text @a3bfb8 to 81010                          

         Google Classroom (through CLEVER):       

              Period 1A use the code 6lvmhb3

              Period 1B use the code 4ty4mwr

              Period 2A use the code unhufb3                                        

              Period 2B use the code  qzfidb3

     Mrs. Rideout's contact information:

    • email:  srideout@pittsburg.k12.ca.us
    • cell (925)323-4112

    Be well.  Be Safe.  Keep learning and DON'T hesitate to be in touch!

    ~Mrs. Rideout