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Mrs. Geannine Fernandez

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Degrees and Certifications:

A.A. Liberal Studies-Los Medanos College B.A. Social Science-Bethany College of CA B.A. Liberal Arts-Bethany College of CA CA Social Science Supplemental Credential CA Multiple Subjects Credential CLAD Certificate

Mrs. Geannine Fernandez

22 years ago, Pittsburg Unified gave me the opportunity to begin my teaching career. I could not have been more excited to have a group of kids to teach and guide.  After all these years, my passion for the classroom is still fueled by watching our scholars thrive.

I grew up in Pittsburg and started my own education right here at Martin Luther King Jr. when it was a preschool!  I loved playing with my brothers under the bleachers at the City Park while my dad was on the field and my mom cheered for his team from the stands.  We spent hours during summer swimming at Buchanan Pool and my favorite job in high school was selling tickets at the movie theater which is now called Maya Cinema.

I  feel so priveledged to join the fabulous teaching team here MLK in the History department.  I am constantly surrounded by the support of the staff, teachers, and administators of our school. 

Everyday I get to take 6th  graders on a journey around the world to places and times of the past.  We examine the things that our people did, contemplate their effects on us today, and make meaning of the past as it relates to our future.  We ask questions, express our wonder, dig in to find answers, work together, and join the story of the human race.  We understand that history is made minute by minute and we ask ourselves, "What legacy will WE leave?"





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