Daily Assignments

  • Math Facts Practice Page

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/29/2020
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  • Counting Coins - Homework Page

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/29/2020
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  • Math Practice: Working with Money

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/29/2020
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  • Clever!

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/24/2020 1:45:00 PM


    Clever has multiple different apps for students to use such as:



    Imagine Learning - Reading

    Imagine Learning - Math

    Splash Math


    Here is the students login information:

    Username: lunchID

    Example: 12345

    Password: pusd + lunchID

    Example: pusd12345

    I will be updating this website with more assignments for students! 



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  • Money! Money! Money!

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/23/2020 1:20:00 PM

    Here is a link to the YouTube video we have been watching each day to help us remember the coins and how much they are worth! 


    Below you may choose a math assignment for students to complete using coins. 

    Option 1: grab a handful of coins, spread them out on a table, and figure out how much you have. Put the coins back in a bin, grab a new handful and do it over again. Do this 4 times! 

    Option 2: Build a store! Play with one or more other people. Grab some toys, give them a price, and practice paying for the item, or you can be a cashier and give change and make sure the client is paying enough! 



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  • Reading & Writing Assignment

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/20/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Due by Wednesday, March 25th!


    Reading: Raz-Kids book "Fall Forward, Spring Back" (I assigned it to each student on Raz-Kids). 

    If you don't have access to Raz-Kids, please message me and I can send over a PDF version.  

    Writing: Would you prefer the time in the fall or the spring? Explain. 

    **Send me a picture of your writing**

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  • Imagine Learning

    Posted by Lindsey Chambers on 3/20/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Log in to Imagine Learning for 20 minutes per day! Go to www.imaginelearning.com, click "Log In" at the top right, click Imagine Learning and Literacy, and it should take you to the log in page! 

    Username: lunchID

    Password: LunchID

    Site Code: 630600

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