remote learning expectations
  • As directed by our district a mark will be given at the end of the semester.

    • If there is sufficient contact and work completed, your student will earn a mark of M (Met expectation) 

    • If there is limited or no contact/work they will earn a mark of L/C (Limited/No Contact)


    This includes:

    • 2.5-3 hours per day maximum for Grades 1-2 (a combination of paper/pencil work and online applications)

    • Use of a device to connect to online applications (phone, tablet, computer)

    • Class Dojo for communication (phone or tablet)

    • Class Dojo to submit pictures of assignments (use of phone or tablet)


    Please contact me as soon as you are able if you are unable to meet any of these guidelines.

    I will be recording our communication weekly to submit to the district.