Ms. Julie Kanyuk

Phone: (925) 473-2390 x.7747


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in History of Art - UC Berkeley MA in Italian Studies - SFSU

Ms. Julie Kanyuk

Dear parents and students:


Due to our current circumstances, I will be using Google Classroom to keep students engaged within an online classroom community! Yes, our school is closed, but I will make sure that students are using this time toward maximizing their own academic success!


To enroll in Google Classroom, students must (i) have or create a Gmail account, (ii) go to Google Classroom and (iii) select “join class” and (iv) enter the code that corresponds with their class and period below:


Google Classroom Codes

1st period Italian 1 - 3gojw5y

2nd period Italian 1 - srqthw6

3rd period Italian 3 - gbsutzw

4th period Italian 2 - kgkhs3a

5th period Italian 2 - ilx6vip


Helping your student at home

Please keep in mind that this time is not about you knowing each subject and helping the student to do their work, this time is about you showing that you are interested in their education, helping your students get organized, providing a quiet place for the students to do their work, monitoring the students work to make sure is completed and praising their efforts.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Talk with your student, let the student know that education is important and that the school work should be done.
  • Set a time for your students to complete assignments, have the student participate in the creation of the schedule and follow-up on that every day. It is helpful to write the schedule and posted at home in a visible place at home where everyone can see it.
  • Remove all distractions, turn off the TV, and other devices that might distract the student during study time.


Student’s assignments overview

Your student will have assignments to complete daily and these assignments are to turn in for evaluation/feedback. In a language class we read, write, listen and speak; therefore, we will be covering all of these areas.

The following are general weekly work instructions and all work must be completed in Italian. Please refer to class page for specific instructions.

Writing: Use the “Il mio diario” graphic organizer to keep a daily journal and write an entry in Italian for every day you are not at school (half to one page per day).

**Your journal entry is due at the end of each day.

Reading: There are selected reading in this section. Students must read and then fill out a Reading Log.

**Readings and the Reading Logs are to be completed on Mondays.

Vocabulary: Use Quizlet to review and master vocabulary we have covered so far. Use the choice board and graphic organizer to practice unit vocabulary.

**Vocabulary activities are to be completed on Tuesdays.

Grammar: I will be posting sets on Quizlet, Quizizz or other platforms to review important grammar topics.

** Grammar activities are to be completed on Wednesdays.

Listening: I will post listening assignments that will be related to units we have covered so far.

**Listening activities are to be completed on Thursdays.

Speaking: I will be posting assignments on Flipgrid so I can see you speaking Italian. They will be related to units we have covered so far.

**Speaking activites are to be completed on Fridays.