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    Daily Schedule:

    Skills: letter names, sounds, sight words, blending, segmenting,

    nonsense word reading, letter substitution, number recognition,

    counting to 100

    Writing: Monday (Journal Prompt), Tuesday (Handwriting),

    Wednesday (Nursery Rhymes), Thursday (Circle Map), Friday

    (Word Families)

    Workshop: Monday (Letter Search), Tuesday (Zoo Phonics Animal),

    Wednesday (Letter Art and Formation), Thursday (Directed Draw),

    Friday, (Let's Find Out Extention)

    Snack and Recess: Go Noodle, Dance Time, Go for a walk, Sidewalk

    chalk, quiet play

    Math:  Every day: check the weather and compare today's weather

    to yesterday's

    Monday (Adding Practice), Tuesday (shapes), Wednesday (Write

    numbers to 100),Thursday (Subtraction Practicie), Friday (Your choice) 

    Reading: 10-15 minutes quiet reading, 10-15 minutes of family reading