Marilyn Narayan Graphic Design Instructor           

    Welcome to Advance Graphic Design and Graphic Design Class. The classroom is in F wing and room number is F209.

    Meet the teacher : Marilyn Narayan, 

    Bachelors in Information System and Finance, Postgraduate diploma in Information Systems. I am from the friendly Islands of Fiji. I have two boys, named Ruhaan and Ranveer aged 9 and  4 respectively.

    This is my 4th Year at the School and 12th year teaching students in high school. In this class students get to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. During this distance learning, we are laerning the GIMP software which is very similar to photoshop and is a freeware. 

    At this difficult time as we have to go onto online learning, it is  important that all the Graphic Design students are registered for CLEVER and are also able to log into Google classroom to do their daily class work. If you need to contact me, my email address  are mnarayan@pittsburg.k12.ca.us.  OR   mnarayan@pittsburgusd.net

    In order to access my Google classroom, codes are

    Period 1 Cohort A Semester 2   idynz5k

    Period 1 Cohort B Semester 2   mzzdwoi

    Period 2 Cohort A  Semester 2  y6tsk2a

    Period 2 Cohort B  Semester 2  piljq6l

    Period 3 Cohort A  Semester 2 wqeakmc

    Period 3  Cohort B  Semester 2 plwd7w6

    Period 1 Cohort A Semester 1   oxtww5o

    Period 1 Cohort B Semester 1   qlg7owi

    Period 2 Cohort A  Semester 1  d4k6smb

    Period 2 Cohort B  Semester 1  gwflb6y

    Period 3 Cohort A  Semester 1  4okavln

    Period 3  Cohort B  Semester 1 4wo4hnv

    Period 5  Cohort A  Semester 1 hxbxg5v 

    Period 5  Cohort B  Semester 1 vd55q7j

    Period 6  Cohort A  Semester 1  du74whw

    Period 6  Cohort B  Semester 1  unewqd3

    For  zoom meetings, please log onto CLEVER to get the zoom link.

    Also, you can refer them to the PHS homepage to see videos for support https://www.pittsburg.k12.ca.us/domain/2803

    See you soon