• The Rancho Medanos Jr. High School, School Site Council meets the second Wednesday of each month in the school Library.  Meetings begin at 3:15. Agenda's for each meeting are posted in the office the Monday morning before each meeting.

     The current council consists of the following members:

    Principal: Eric Peyko

    President: Mr. Goodwin (Parent)

    Vice President: Nettie Asiasi (Parent)

    Secretary: Kelly Klassen (Teacher)

    Assistant Secretary: Deb Newell (Non Teaching Staff)

    Pamela Butler Harris (Teacher)

    Mary Robillard (Teacher)

    Jennifer Foster (Teacher)

    ASB President:Tatiana Soriano

    ASB Vice President: Emily Franklin

    Shelby Taylor (ASB Alternate)

    Emily Buckner (ASB Alternate)