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    The goal of the Educational Success Team is to ensure that all scholars are provided the opportunity to be successful in the general education setting. With that in mind, we have some specific goals we expect to reach:


    Department Goal

    By May 2018, across the department, 80% of scholars enrolled in the Read 180/System 44 program will increase their Lexile reading score by 100 points.


    Department Goal

    By May 2018, each teacher will implement one community building circle per week in each of their classes with 90% accuracy. 


    Department Goal

    Daily, the Educational Success Team will continue to work with all departments in order to increase inclusive practices at MLK.


    Case Manager Goal

    By May 2018, Case Managers will encourage parental involvement in the IEP process by making contact with parent before scheduled IEP meetings with 80% accuracy. 


    Audacious Goal

    Daily, the Educational Success Team will ensure that scholars with disabilities are provided access to the general education curriculum in the regular education setting to the maximum extent possible with accommodations in place to allow each scholar to be successful.


    Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you,