Acellus Online Program

  • All students are signed up for online Acellus classes. Students can take core and elective courses online that will help them acquire the credits they are missing. The following courses are offered online for BDHS students:

    • Language Arts: English 1 - 4
    • Mathematics: Algebra 1 , Algebra 2, Geometry
    • Sciences: Biology and Physical Science
    • Social Studies: US History and World History
    • Government
    • Economics
    • Elective courses: Health, Geography, and Psychology

    Questions?: Please contact your School Counselors if you have any questions:

    Counselor Ibarra

    Counselor McKinney-Webster



  • acellus


    1.) You will need your "Acellus ID" and "Password." Contact your Counselor if you need your Acellus log-in information.

    2.) Go to the Acellus student sign-in page at Acellus Student Webpage

    3.) Use your "Acellus ID" and "Password" to sign-in.

    4.) Begin to work on any of the Acellus classes your Counselor has put onto your Acellus account.

    5.) Once you complete an Acellus class, you can notify your Counselors.



    • It is recommended that you work on your Acellus atleast 1-2 hours a day.
    • You can download the Acellus app to work on your online classes on your mobile phone.
    • Don't want to get stuck? Please take notes as necessary.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Counselor.


    Click here to e-mail Counselor Ms. Ibarra

    Click here to e-mail Counselor Ms. McKinney-Webster