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Ms. Williams

Attention Parents and Students! Welcome  English 4 and English 1 students.

Please join me on Google Classroom if you have not already. The assignments are set on google platform. for students to complete and submit. We will start school on Thursday August 13,2020 at 8:00 am (Monday through Friday). Zoom meeting are held daily and it is mandatory that you show up to class so you recieve your attendance and grade.

Thank-you for everyone who has joined the classes and please note that I enjoyed speaking with everyone over the phone as we set up codes and assignments. I would like to mention that it is important to post your name on each assignment you submit. We will be using Remind to communicate.

Thank you!

Google Classroom Codes:

Cohort A

Period 1 (12th grade )         GoogleClass Code uq7vdr6

Period 2  (9th grade).          Google Class Code  o3nebz3

Period  3. (9th grade).          Google Class. Code.uaue4rs

Cohort 4

Period 1.  (12th grade)          Google Class Code rh125qd

Period 2.  (9th grade).           Google Class Code. 7gz5aaq

Period 3  (9th grade)            Google Classs Code. wdvxZqa

Period 3.  (9th grade).            Google Class Code. wdvxZqa



Cohort B

Period 1.  (12th grade).                    Google Class Code    rh125qd

Period 2   (9th grade)                       Google Class Code.   7gz5aaq

Period 3.  (9th grade)                       Google Class Code    wdvx2qa

Cohort B

Period 1 (12th grade)                        Google Class Code     rh125qd    

Period 2 (9th grade)                          Google Class Code     7gz5aaq

Period 3 )9th grade                            Google Classroom     wdvxZqa

Remember all work counts.

Conference Calls are four o’clock  to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Please call me at (925) 497-1098 or email me at or

I will be making  phone calls to parents and students to check in and make sure everything is running smooth. 

Ms. Williams