• Dear parents and students.


    Clever is ther portal for just about everything for your student.  Click here for information about Clever.


    Class schedule: Cohort A Schedule of Classes        Cohort B Schedule of Classes

    Aeries:  Click here for information about setting up your parent portal in Aeries to check on grades.  Aeries if where we will put the final grade.  Google classroom is where your students are progressing day to day towards that grade. See below about Google Classroom. 



    Admin has asked that you only access our zoom meetings through your accounts like Clever or Google Classrooms so that access is restricted to students with passwords and not the general public. You may just need to wait in waiting room until after class starts and all the ID's have been checked.



    You can access blank note sheet templates, PowerPoints to fill in those notes, study guides, etc. for our biology class at  http://tinyurl.com/piratebio


    Prior to the shelter-in-place order I would use Remind to send homework reminders and other information but now I mostly use it for general announcements for all my classes, and I use Google Classroom and Khan Academy to assign work. (See below)  To have your students sign up for Remind have them text the code @biop to 81010.  Remind has a 150 student limit per class and our school hasn't signed up for the paid premium version to add more students so please limit to one account per student and have them put their First and Last Name as it appears on their school ID


    Google Classroom:


    The codes to sign up for classroom.google.com are as follows:

    Biology period 1 cohort A:     wgzsdxc

    Biology period 1 cohort B:    blykmpa

    Biology period 2 cohort A:     v2wniyr

    Biology period 2 cohort B:     yzpoj7l

    Biology period 3 cohort A:     fca5q23

    Biology period 3 cohort B:     ypdcpmw

    AP Env Sci period 4 cohort A:  dlryc65

    AP Env Sci period 4 cohort B:  a54y6e6

    Biology period 5 cohort A:      cxhqnc7

    Biology period 5 cohort B:      g7ru56d


    Join a class with a class code

    Go to classroom.google.com.

    At the top, click Add and then Join class.

    Click Join class

    Enter the 7 character class code from your class from above and click Join.


    Khan Academy:

    Now that we have Clever, Khan Academy no longer lists a class code and has students join classes by logging into their clever portal. 

      On Khan academy your name is listed only as your emails and for some of you I don't know who you are or I have multiple students with the same first names etc.   When you're in Khan Academy,  click on the 3 bars at the upper right hand corner.  Then scroll down to the line with your name and click on your name, and then under your name click settings.  Change your nick name to your last name first with a space and then your first name.  Scroll down and click save under the basics area you just changed and then click the left arrow at the upper left hand corner to go back and hopefully that saves your actual name.


    Here's a student guide to Google Classroom:



    To use a mobile device to draw,write, and type on Study Guides or other PDFs download the Google Classroom app on your mobile device. Here's how to write on an assignment in Google Classroom: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/7080036?hl=en

    To use a computer computer to draw, write, and type on assignnents use a program like Doc Hub. Here's a tutorial video on how to do that.  https://www.google.com/search?q=edit+pdf+in+google+classroom+from+a+computer&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS725US725&oq=edit+pdf+in+google+c

    To edit Cornell Notes, or other Google docs: 


    Of course, you could also Google how to do just about anything else.  


    Click here for tutorials for programs like google slides, sheets, and more



    I know it has been a challenge for many of us, including me, using these new programs so thanks for trying.    If you need help:

    Short answer:

    Look to the upper right hand corner of your phone or computer for the 3 dots and click either “send feedback” or “help”and let the thousands of pros or community members who’ve gone through this guide you.  Or you could try asking me.  See long answer below.


    Long answer: 

     Often people send a private comment asking how something works and I’m the only one who sees that question. If you post that question on the first stream page of Google Classroom then everyone can help and be helped by that answer. It might help me if you tell me what “it” is, as in what assignment are you referring to, and what exactly “it” is that you’re doing?  Are you trying to access a document, edit it, or submit it?  It would also help me if you tell me if you have previously successfully opened, saved, edited or submitted a pdf or doc before.  That way I don’t send you a bunch of how-to links if you’ve already mastered how-to before and this is a problem not with knowing how to do something but a problem with a specific portion of a document.  It might also help if you tell me if you’re using your phone with google classroom or a computer with Doc hub, etc.  Professionals might ask for more specifics like what kind of device or platform you’re using, but I’m no professional technician.  (If I was, I might have a Tesla and many more things) Therefore if your issue starts to look like you’ve done it before and it works on one device but not the other it may be something  that needs to be addressed by professional Google technicians, your phone/computer manufacturer, etc .  At that point I’d Google your issue to see if someone else has likely come across it in a forum or even made a how-to video about it.  This is how I taught myself a lot of stuff. Good luck and stay healthy.