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Mr. Thayer

Ceramics and Fine Art

Assignments During the School Shutdown

Hello everybody,

Here is the links, instructions to get into the classrooms, I will be teaching both Intermediate art, and Ceramics (we will be doing Beginning art lessons with a 3D twist)

  1. Student Accounts: Students will enter Google Classroom through Clever which will automatically provide their username and password for entry into Google Classroom after they have logged into Clever. They will see the Google Classroom icon on their Dashboard in Clever.  Please see the attached instructions. 
  2. Instructions for students to log in for the first time: Student Google Classroom Access through Clever.
  3. Easy to follow instructions for Google Classroom that can be sent to your students & guardians: Student’s quick guide to Google Classroom
  4. After your student’s login, Students should follow the option to “Join a Class” using the Class Code.
  5. Parents and guardians are welcome to sign up and “Invite Guardians,” you can click on this link and input ANY email address, and the guardian will receive email summaries on their student.  Email summaries include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. 
  6. Classroom email summaries for Guardians


*Please don't make up a username, I do not guess when grading, I want to credit your work.  Please just use your real name.  (no "SillyBunny28")

Thank you!

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    Date Due: 08/08/2020 Category: Handout Papers