• Hello everybody!


    Please send all correspondence to: rsimionas@pittsburgusd.net


    ZOOM ID and password are in your google classroom account under Zoom info! If you can’t access google classroom and need your ZOOM login, email me at the above address and I will reply with ZOOM info. You will have to mention your name and period number in your message.

    Below are the codes to join my Google Classroom and Code.org classroom. 

    Best way to join my google classroom is by signing in to Clever and from there to my google classroom.


    Instructions for Clever and Google Classroom

    Instrucctiones en Espanol


    Google Classroom Class Codes 2020-21, 2nd Semester, Q4

    Period 1: 

    Period 2: 

    Period 4: hoplgph

    Period 5: 5gf3563

    Period 6: 3uddfqx


    Remind Class Codes 2020-21

    Period 1: csdperi

    Period 2: csdperio

    Period 4: rsimio

    Period 5: rsimion

    Period 6: csdperiod

    Students, you will also need a code.org account! Click here to access the website, then click "Create an account" and follow the prompts.
    After you created your student account in code.org, scroll all the way down and enter the corresponding code in the box provided.

    Code.org Class Codes 2020-21: 

    Period 1: ZHMYSJ

    Period 2: YJFWRN

    Period 3: MMKZGV

    Period 4: WMWLSF

    Period 5: VTTZKZ

    Period 6: DQKCTQ