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Mr. Cesar Ramos

To all my Algebra 1P students and their parents:

I hope that you will all agree with me that not everything in our current learning situation is hopeless. Instead, we just need to give our collective best efforts to find other ways for you, my students, to still learn despite the absence of a physical classroom where we usually see each other.

My objective in switching to online learning as the next best alternative, is to be able to continue our lessons from where we left off. Hence, since we were able to complete Les. 9-1 using the steps we discussed to graph quadratic equations, we can now continue with the next important topic of solving quadratic equations by using the different methods; namely, (a.) by graphing, (b.) by factoring, (c.) by completing the square, and (d) by using the quadratic formula.

I will provide you with worksheets containing a study guide with practice exercises. I suggest that you supplement this with what you can find in the same lesson in your textbook if you took it home with you. If not, use your Clever account to see the online copy of the textbook. I also strongly suggest that you search similar lessons in You Tube and the famous Khan Academy.

By the way, no student work will be graded since my online lessons are intended only for enrichment purposes. When we resume normal classes, I expect that we can move at a faster pace since you already learned something but just need clarifications on portions still not clear to you. If ever I give assignments online, they will be graded as extra credit work. From my view, your real understanding of the concepts will show when you take a test. So I hope that you will at least try to do the exercises since that’s the proven better method of learning. Remember, practice makes perfect! You will also appreciate the value of learning  from your mistakes if you work on those mistakes before, not after, you take a test.

If you have any question, just send me an email:  and I will try my best to respond within 1 day.

Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring - Part 1

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring - Part 2

Moving on to another method:

Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

Take a look also at this video lesson on Completing the Square from You Tube. Play it multiple times if you like: