• La Profe Peyko


    I am a Spanish teacher at Pittsburg High. I grew up in Colombia, South America. I earned my Teaching Credential and MA in Teaching at Saint Mary’s College of California. 

    I love teaching my subject using authentic resources to help my students build their cultural awareness in our highly interconnected global society. I incorporated my background in pedagogy, anthropology and sociology to my teaching of foreign language. I have found that culturally infused lessons are a great way to provide comprehensible input and are also a highly engaging way to have students investigate the world in the target language, recognize others perspectives, and communicate their ideas to take action as future global citizens. 

    Here at PHS, I teach Spanish 2 and Spanish 3.  I am also Chair to the World Language Department. 



    Urgent- Message to parents after COVID-19 school dismissal, March 2020


    Dear parents and guardians,

    Due to our current circumstances, I will be using Google Classroom to keep students engaged within an online classroom community! Yes, our school is closed, but I will make sure that students are using this time toward maximizing their own academic success!

    • To enroll in our Google Classroom, students must (i) have or create a Gmail account, (ii) go to Google Classroom and (iii) select “join class” and (iv) enter the code that corresponds with their class and period below


    Google Classroom Codes

    1er Periodo - Español 3 - bjptour

    2do Periodo – Español 3 - 5nxg6ro

    3er Periodo - Español 3 – yor7bua

    4to Periodo - Español 2 – q45qsgb

    5to Periodo - Español 2 – rh72m4u

    6to Periodo - Español 2 - pgkbopx


    Helping your student at home

    Please keep in mind that this time is not about you knowing each subject and helping the student to do their work, this time is about you showing that you are interested in their education, helping your students get organized, providing a quiet place for the students to do their work, monitoring the students work to make sure is completed and praising their efforts.

    Here are some tips to get you started:

    • Talk with your student, let the student know that education is important and that the school work should be done
    • Set a time for your students to complete assignments, have the student participate in the creation of the schedule and follow-up on that every day. It is helpful to write the schedule and posted at home in a visible place at home where everyone can see it.
    • Remove all distractions, turn off the TV, and other devices that might distract the student during study time.


    Student’s assignments overview

    Your student will have assignments to complete daily and these assignments are to turn in for grade. In a language class we read, write, listen and speak therefore we will be covering all of these areas.

    The following are your weekly work instructions and all work must be completed in Spanish:


         Writing: keep a journal and have an entry for every day (Monday to Friday) that students are not at school (half to one page per day (write about your day, what did you do, how do you feel, people, food...etc)

    Note: I will check journals every Friday and students do not have to turn it in because I have access to their work.


         Reading: I have some readings under classwork. The students must select three readings per week and complete the activities for each reading and/or choice board

    Note: weekly reading log(s) are due Thursdays, students can read Tuesday and Thursday and submit their reading log


        Listening: Listen to two songs in Spanish per week and write key vocabulary and the main idea per song in Spanish. I will also add listening activities to google forms to complete.

    Note: listening activities are due Wednesdays


        Speaking: If your student has the opportunity to speak Spanish please have them practice the language :) I will be posting flipgrids tasks so I can see your student speaking Spanish

    Note: Speaking activities are due Monday and Friday


        Vocabulary and grammar practice: I will be posting boom cards to practice and students should be using the choice board, graphic organizer and their notebook to practice vocabulary and my wiki to practice vocabulary