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Mrs. Ozel

(Updated August 11th, 2020)
Here is the ZOOM Link for class meetings:
Meeting ID: 860 0084 2203
Password: 297085
Google Class Codes:
AVID 3 ZERO Period: Qhihwkc
AVID 1 Period 1: 4hzlunp
AVID 2 Period 2: O6hy2hv
AVID 3 Period 3: Zg2lg2s
(Updated August 10th, 2020)
Hi 2020-21 AVID Students!
I am very excited for the new school year.  We now have Google for our school, so you will only be able to access everything by using your school account ""
You may join my Google Classrooms and accounts using the following link:
(Updated August 4th, 2020) Hi Everyone!!
I am looking forward to starting the school year with all of my new students. 
Students, I invite you to please join my Google Classroom and Remind Accounts for the coming school year!
The link below has the Google Classroom Codes and Remind Links for periods 1-3, AVID 1, 2 and 3.
(Updated June 19th)WELCOME Summer School Students!

We are using UC SCOUT for our class, click:

1st Period:

2nd Period:

*Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 OR 10:30, we will meet.
*Below is the link, ID, and password info FOR ALL MEETINGS. I hope it will stay the same from now on.
*DAYS: Tuesdays and Thursdays
*TIMES: 8:30am (1st per) OR 10:30am (2nd per)

Join Zoom Meetings!

Meeting ID: 827 9222 9222
Password: 6FRH5D WELCOME Summer School Students!

Hello and WELCOME Summer School Students!! I am here for you! You can do it! Join our class and earn your credit. We will use UC Scout. I will teach you how!

1st Period:

2nd Period:

*Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 OR 10:30, we will meet.
*Below is the link, ID, and password info FOR ALL MEETINGS. It will
always be the same, so keep it easy to access.
*DAYS: Tuesdays and Thursdays
*TIMES: 8:30am (1st per) or 10:30am (2nd per)



Message From Mrs. Ozel on April 1st:

Hi All!!  I hope you are doing well. I have been reaching out to you through remind, e-mails, and the google presentations I sent, plus it was exciting to see many of you on our zoom meetings. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts to be responsible. We will get through this if everyone stays calm and does their beat.  I am hoping you are well on your way to completing this week's work. If you are behind, do not worry, you will be allowed to catch up.

If you are not on my remind, please sign up now. I will be inviting you to our next zoom meeeting. Come to the zoom meeting prepared to talk about the work you've done (or have not been able to do, come to the zoom meeting regardless). Below are the links.


Also, I have added Google Classroom!!  Please join!


Class Codes for Google Classroom:

AVID 2 Period Zero: r6blj6l

AVID 2 Period 1: reorthz

AVID 2 Period 2: tssmtks

AVID 1 Period 3: k4stqcx

ERWC Period 4: 56ni4xz

I will be crediting you in the gradebook for the work you are doing!

Thank you

Here is the link for anyone who does not have my remind!!

AVID class of 2023 (FRESHMEN)


Text @f7bdda2 to the number 81010

AVID class of 2022 (SOPHOMORES)


text @24a392 to the number 81010



text @erwcco to the number 81010

Also, here are the presentations if you have not received them. Message me any questions you have on remind!

AVID 1 and 2:


Bonnie Fox Ozel

Mrs. Ozel has had a jam-packed career educating students in Pittsburg and Turkey! Originally known as Miss Fox, she started her career teaching at PHS in the year 2000. Highlights of Mrs. Ozel's teaching journey from 2000-2009 were teaching with Pittsburg High School's dynamic English department, teaching student leadership, leading freshmen orientation with Link Crew, hosting Renaissance incentive program and rallies, coaching softball, advising clubs, and taking students on an international tour from Rome to Athens. Then in 2009, moving overseas to teach English at American Collegiate Institute in Izmir, Turkey for three years, she broadened her horizons and became a preparatory writing and advanced writing teacher, along with "lise 2" which is junior level English. In 2012, Mrs. Ozel returned to her hometown, Pittsburg, and has been back with the district, teaching English, Puente English, and even serving as testing coordinator for a semester. From the years of 2015-2019, Mrs. Ozel was granted the opportunity to work part-time as she became a mother! Upon her return to the classroom full-time this year, she has been fortunate to be added to the AVID team at PHS. AVID is an excellent college-bound program where Mrs. Ozel gets to teach students their entire four years fo high school. In AVID, she is a mentor and advocate for her students, in addition to an educator. She has the chance to be a major support throughout their four years, and will be part of their application and acceptance to college. She is also lucky to have a wonderful group of seniors to whom she teaches ERWC, the Expository Reading and Writing Course, senior English class. Mrs. Ozel is thrilled to be back at Pitt and is prouder than ever to be a PIRATE.