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Mr. Nordenstedt

Greetings Pittsburg Pirates and Those who Support and Love You!

When you are given a challenge, how well you respond to that challenge reveals your character!  All of us will be challenged to make distance learning work for us as we begin a new year of high school, including your teacher.  I promise to do my very best and to try and create meaningful learning experiences for all of you.  Together, let's try to be good communicators and listen to one another so that we can always be improving as we navigate our way through this first semester.  Virtually every single one of us has aspirations to go to college and the uncertainty of life as we know it presently places even greater emphasis on trying to develop our critical thinking and writing skills.  Please give your best effort, please do not hesitate to ask for additional help, and please take advantage of this time to prepare yourself for what we all know can be a glorious future!  



It is a wise strategy for success, especially when you get to college, to take advantage of office hours so that you can get additional feedback.  While I can always be reached via Remind or Google Classroom, I will also be offering additional meeting times as we get further into the new school year.  I would like to talk about this option in class with students.  Once we decide on something concrete, I will update this page!  :)




--While I linked the class rosters to Google Classroom previously, if for some reason you need the codes to join or rejoin, they are as follows:


1st Period PHS Puente English 2 Cohort A: vjb2vyf

1st Period PHS Puente English 2 Cohort B: rfbazex

2nd Period PHS Puente English 2 Cohort A: 6v3tpxf

2nd Period PHS Puente English 2 Cohort B: zqhh4qn



3rd Period AP English Language and Composition Cohort A: 463vxwk

3rd Period AP English Language and Composition Cohort B: smus4y3


REMIND for Puente English 2 Class of 2023:

TEXT @hg2ah23 to number 81010 (First period Cohorts A and B)

TEXT @ha486ff to number 81010 (2nd Period Cohorts A and B)


REMIND for AP English Language and Composition:

TEXT @a7kk69 to number 81010 (3rd period Cohorts A and B)


I look forward to a good year with strong learning communities in which everyone feels comfortable and valued.  



Mr. Nordenstedt