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Mr. Larimer

Welcome to Algebra II and Geometry.  I hope you are all making wise choices regarding health and safety as we try to work through this way of learning. 

As not all students will have access to online learning, we will be doing review with worksheets I will post right here each week.  As with Homework in the past, I will ask that you do your best.  Do not stress if you have difficulty with any of the worksheets.  You have a textbook as a resource, Khan Academy is good, and there are many others.  This is intended for you to strengthen your skills so that you have a stronger foundation when we return.  This is not intended to test your knowledge, but save all work for when we return to show the effort you made.

I will have email office hours from noon to 1:00 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  You can email anytime, however, and I will usually get back to you within a day.


Algebra II

Solving Absolute Value Equations

Solving Equations

Solving Inequalities

Linear Relations and Functions

Rate of Change and Slope



Worksheet #1

Worksheet #2

Worksheet #3

Worksheet #4

Worksheet #5