Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Will Gee

Meet Mr. Gee!

Chemistry/Biology Teacher at Pittsburg High School (11 years)

Education:  Kinesiology at Cal State Long Beach

Favorite School Subjects:  Math and Science

Least Favorite School Subjects:  English/Language Arts

Hobbies/Passions:  Star Wars, Fitness and Bodybuilding, Fuzzy Pets

Favorite food:  Mexican 

Favorite Vacation Spots:  Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Disney, All Amusement parks that make you barf (eventually)

Favorite Inspiring Scientist (of the old "Black and White" era):  Alan Turing

Favorite Modern Scientist: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Philosophy on Learning:  Being well educated should be more than just acquiring a high-paying job.  Although that tends to be the primary focus, an education allows a person to understand the World better.  We can get more out of life by learning and exploring, rather than just existing.  Life is too short to live without ever really understanding it.

Philosophy on Life:  Be happy and good to each other.