Pittsburg High School Counseling Team

Darlynne Fu, Pittsburg High School Counselor, last names A-C dfu@pittsburg.k12.ca.us

  • Pittsburg High School Counselors are committed to providing you with resources, answering your questions about graduation, classes for next year, college requirements, work permits, personal concerns and other issues that may be coming up during these uncertain times. 

    We want to be sure you visit our Counseling Page below for handouts, scholarship information, resources and much more.


    The link below will take you to our Virtual Counseling Slip that you fill out and your counselor will be able to contact you directly:


    Please check your emails often or leave contact information we can be sure to reach you at. 

    Google Classroom codes:

    Class of 2022: 3p7acrw

    Class of 2023: 23yx2wy

    Class of 2024: s2h3xoj

    Class of 2025: wyr5g2v

    Office hours 7:45am- 3:15pm