Mr. Frishman

Phone: 925-473-2390 x7817


Degrees and Certifications:

-Bachelor's in English Literature from Cal State East Bay, Hayward -Master's in Educational Leadership from Cal State East Bay, Hayward -Adjunct Teacher Education Professor at St. Mary's College, Moraga

Mr. Frishman

***I hope this message finds all of you well***

Hello students and families! Due to the recent events surrounding COVID-19 concerns and our school closure, learning for the near future will be taking place entirely online. On the left side of this page you will find the class codes for my Remind messaging service, Google Classroom, and Almost ever one of you have been connecting to both of these services for the entirety of the school year, though there are a some who have yet to connect. Please do so as soon as possible as work/assignments have been posted for some time now. Please feel free to reach out to me through my Pittsburg email or my personal email which is

Additionally, I am holding teacher "office hours" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10-11 AM. You have a choice of connecting with me on remind or using Zoom for video "visits".

My code for Zoom is 

669-148-7806 or

Please know that I miss each and every one of you tremendously. I am hoping we will have time to connect back in class before the summertime. Also know that it is important that you continue to learn. Whether it's in English, math, whatever, keep pushing your knowledge forward as you prepare for next year! Remember, you can always pick up a book instead of your phone or PS4 controller!

Stay in touch,



Hello and welcome to my page! This is my 8th year working at PHS and 11th year teaching. Before PHS I worked at Oakland Aviation High School, located in East Oakland.

Growing up on the East Coast (Connecticut), I did not jump directly into teaching after graduating from college. I worked as an auto mechanic for a few years before transitioning to sales. The truth is, I always wanted to be a teacher but had left college without graduating. Going back to school with a full time schedule while also working full time helped turn me into the person I am today. This is why I push my students to get organized, work efficiently, and find their internal motivation(s). 

Working at PHS has been an amazing experience and I'm excited for what the future holds...for this year and beyond!