Bienvenue dans la classe de Mrs B
Mrs. Marina BERTRAND



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Marina BERTRAND

Bienvenue dans ma classe de franςais!

My name's Marina BERTRAND but my students call me Miss B...

It sounds good to me, Ahaha! ; )

I am a native French Teacher and I have been teaching in PHS since February 2015.

What matters most to me as Educator is Safety, Respect and Trust so we can all build the Best version of ourselves to enter in a constructive, cooperative, supportive and inclusive environment to develop the required academic and social skills for my students to be successful in this world, to gain in self-esteem and to achieve, in order to graduate and to find their own path in the Journey of Life.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family and my two dogs. I am happily married, and a proud mom of two children: a US Air Force young woman and a promising Taekwondo black belt teen that will soon join PHS.

I actively practice myself Taekwondo which helps me maintain and extend my physical, mental and spiritual strengths as well as leader skills, to enjoy and/or face all the ups and downs in my own Life, both personal and professional, with integrity. 

Now, students and families/guardians, please access the content of my classes’ pages listed by level/period.

Be safe! Respect the shelter in place order and keep up the good work and inner peace.

Mrs Bertrand/Mrs B