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    How to join a Google classroom:

    1. Go to https://classroom.google.com/u/2/h 

    2. At the top, click +Join class

    3. Enter your class code (see below). Please make sure you are 


      Please note:

    • You must use your @pittsburgusd.net account
    • Use your actual name when registering.


    Google Classroom  Code:

    1st period Cohort A - 5ezqfns

    1st Period Cohort B -  tp6ib6f   

    3rd Period Cohort A  - ur6nb3

    3th Period Cohort B  - ha233k

    4th Period Cohort A -  ne5gc5e

    4th Period Cohort B  -  eqra3w7

    5th Period Cohort A - on7axqt

    5th Period Cohort B - mv5nuo5        


    Remind Codes : Both Cohorts A and B will be in the same period

    1st Period: @c62ah7

    3rd Period: @982d49

    4th Period: @fe28eg

    5th Period: @4697bh6