Student Clubs & Activities

Student Clubs & Activities


    At Los Medanos Elementary we believe in providing an excellent school experience for our students. In addiction to classroom learning, there are extra opportunities to challenge and ignite their passions. We offer many opportunities for students to use their creative talents before, during and after school. These clubs provide a positive, safe, environment that helps students achieve their personal best and encourages responsible, productive citizenship. Whether it is singing, cheering or governing, it is our mission to insipire life-long learning in all of our students!  



    In cheerleading, we offer a friendly atmosphere for young girls to learn the basic fundamentals of cheering. The students learn dance routines, cheers, and jumps. We encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship.  



    Throughout the year, LME 4th and 5th grade chorus members meets every week. The purpose is to refine vocal skills. The chorus practices for future performances, discusses the meaning and influences of the song choice, and have a wonderful time! There are a variety of performance opportunities in the school and around the community.   


    LME Family Nights

    Every year, Los Medanos Elementary hosts Family Nights such as Latino Heritage Night, Black History Night, Math Night, Science Night, Literacy Night, etc.  It is a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents and teachers and also to become active members in our school community.


    Lunchtime Intramurals

    Students are offered the opportunity to play in Lunchtime Intramurals in the Spring.  Sports, such as basketball are offered to the 4th and 5th grade students. Students sign up and are assigned to different teams.  The purpose is to give students structured opportunities to engage in sports during lunch and to develop their athletic skills and sportsmanship.


    Safety Patrol

    Every year we offer an opportunity to responsible 4th and 5thgrade students to be part of our Safety Patrol Task Force. These students are called to be positive role models to other students by obeying and helping enforce school rules, having a positive attitude about school, completing their work and showing good character. They work everyday in the morning helping teachers partrol the breezeways and making sure the students are in their proper line placements.


    Student Council

    The Student Council is a student selected governing committee made up of 4th-5th grade students at LME.  Students are elected in the fall and they remain in their positions throughout the school year.  Their responsibilities include planning, choosing and hosting school fundraisers, developing student activities, and giving input in how to spend our All Student Body (ASB) funds.  To participate, students must be in good academic standing and follow our school rules and lifeskills.