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    Puente classes function as families, or familias, with students acquiring competency in various genres including autobiography, reflection, research, persuasion, literary analysis, expressive, and community-based writing.  Students are taught techniques for collaborative peer review and create portfolios of polished assignments.  Puente’s writing program not only builds language-arts skills, but also teamwork, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills, all of which are key to enabling enrollment at a public or private university.

    The Puente counselor works hand-in-hand with the Puente teacher to function as an interdisciplinary team. The team meets regularly, and as needed, with Puente students both inside the classroom and out.  The Puente counselor also works closely with parents, providing regular parent workshops throughout the school year.


    The Puente team of teacher, counselor, and parent all work together and become empowered advocates for students’ educations.


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    Once a Puentista, always a Puentista

    The Puente High School Program is designed to help students graduate from high school, become college eligible, and enroll in college through the efforts and support provided by a Puente-trained team.


    For more information, please visit THEPUENTPROJECT.ORG or contact PHS Puente Project counselor, Ms. Le dle@pittsburgusd.net .