• These are very uncertain times, for sure. I hope that this page, and our 2nd grade page, will help you make some new routines for kids. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect; what ever you are doing is great. I say these words, not just for your sake, but for my sake as well. I am "homeschooling" my two kids also- and it is far from perfect. Even as a teacher, I can't duplicate the classroom and certainly I would never have two students fight this much :). For me, I have to keep them in a routine M-F, but I also have to let it go sometimes. If the weather is going to be nice on Thursday, but horrible all weekend, I switch and go outside. If I have a conference call in the morning, school starts later- flexibility is key.

    Your kids might be acting out a little more right now. They feel our stress and they are out of their routine. Breathe...it's okay, we will all get through this.

    Please check the 2nd grade page. This is where most of our updates will be. Occasionally I will post videos just for our class, on here, from myself. I do not have great internet service at my house, so I can only do these sparingly.

    In addition to the activities on our 2nd grade page, our class has Moby Max and IXL. Moby Max has a wide range of  activities. Before we left, I had them bring home their small sheet of paper that told them which activities were most important for them on Moby Max. That being said, feel free to have them do any of the activities. There is even Social Studies and test readiness. This is extra, so any amount of time is okay. Weekly, I will be posting which IXL sections to do. This site is great practice, especially if you do not have a printer to print the math pages. The fastest way to reach me is through remind (it goes straight to my phone). I also created a Gmail account that I will check twice a day. Once before 9am and again around 5pm or 6pm [M- F].

    Quick Guide to communitcation:

    Facebook Group is for fun, socialization and completely optional. This is only for our class, so feel free to post pictures. Students may post on here with your permission.

    Remind is for me to send out quick reminders and for immediate questions. I have a limited amount of words I can send. This goes straight to my phone, like a text.

    Gmail is for non-urgent questions and for me to send out downloads or longer messages. If you have not sent me your email, please send it to this Gmail with your child's name in the Subject.

    2nd grade page is where the bulk of the assignments are and How-To videos. (There is nothing there right now. We are still updating it)

    Mrs. Bowen's webpage has addtional assignments for our class labeled Mrs. Bowen's messages (only if you have time; don't stress) and videos from me. There will not be a ton of videos because internet service is not fast/reliable/available where I live. 

    Mr. M has a Classdojo where he will be posting PE activities. Sign up, create a password- then find Heights Elementary and click on the class 'Physical Education'

    Mr. Longely's page has Science assigments 

    The district will give printed packets to those who do not have internet access. You can pick them up at the same locations as the free lunches



    math time