How do I Volunteer? Cómo puedo ser Voluntario

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parents are welcome to visit Martin Luther King, Jr., Junior High. When you come into our school we ask that you enter through the front door and sign in at the office, (even if you are just turning in your child’s homework or bringing lunch money). The office staff will give you a visitor’s pass. After you have finished your visit, please return to the office to check out. In case of an emergency, we must be accountable for everyone in the building. We want to make sure everyone is safe. Appointments must be made to conference with the Principal or your child’s teacher(s). Thank you for your cooperation.

    It is important that we develop a partnership that encourages each student to achieve to his or her highest ability. You have the opportunity to become involved this year by attending our monthly Parent Club meetings, ELAC meetings, School Site Council meetings, visiting your child’s classrooms, and through our many parent volunteer program opportunities. For more information on how you can assist, please contact our Parent Liaison, Ana Perez at (925) 473-2500 Ext 3519 or

    Your support and involvement help to create students who are interested and enthusiastic about learning.


    Los Padres de Familia son bienvenidos a visitar la Escuela Secundaria Martin Luther King Jr. Cuando usted venga a nuestra Escuela le pedimos que entre por la puerta de la oficina principal ( aun cuando usted solo venga a traer la tarea de su hijo o a traerle lonche o dinero). El personal de la oficina le dará un pase despues que se registre. Una vez que termine su visita, por favor regrese a la oficina y firme su salida. En caso de emergencia, debemos estar seguros de quien esta en nuestro edificio. Queremos asegurarnos de que todos esten sanos y salvos. Se deben hacer citas si usted necesita una conferencia con la Directora o algun maestro de su hijo. Gracias por su cooperación.

    Es importante que establezca una asociación con la escuela, para que motive a cada uno de los estudiantes a lograr sus maximas habilidades. Usted tiene la oprtunidad de involucrarse este año asistiendo al Club de Padres y sus reuniones, a las reuniones del ELAC, Cosnejo Escolar (SSC), visitando los salones de su hijo, y a travez de muchas oportunidades que tenemos para usted. Para mas informacion contacte a su Enlace de Familias, Ana Perez al (925) 473-2500 Ext 3519 o por correo electronico

     Su apoyo e integración ayudaran para que los estudiantes esten mas interesados y entusiasmados en aprender.

  • Parent Coordinator
    (925) 473-2500

Volunteer Information

  • Thank you for taking the time to volunteer for Pittsburg Unified School District. Every neighborhood and community has a stake in student success and your help truly does make a difference in the lives of our students.

    Our goal is to effectively and safely use parent and community volunteers. Board Policy and the Education Code require screening of all volunteers, whether it is short-term, project-specific or on-going volunteer work.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact your school site or Human Resources at (925) 473-2335.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the PUSD Garden Program, check out our garden webpage where volunteer details are available. You may also email Michelle DeCoy at

    Thank you for sharing your valuable time to support the students and schools of Pittsburg. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is a volunteer?
    2. What is required to become a volunteer?
    3. Who can I contact if I have a question?
    4. How do I become a volunteer?
    5. How do I obtain fingerprint clearance?
    6. Where can I obtain a TB certificate?
    7. How long does this process take?
    8. What happens once I am cleared?
    9. Where do I report to volunteer?


    • When you hear and observe things about students, families and staff while volunteering, it is imperative that you respect the confidentiality of that information. (Repeating a seemingly harmless comment can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.) For schools to provide the best environment for learning, everyone’s privacy must be respected.
    • Volunteers function in a position of trust and the Pittsburg Unified School District does not extend that volunteer/student trust relationship outside of the supervised school environment. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to notify the site administrator immediately if he/she becomes involved with a student/family outside the PUSD environment.
    • Volunteers are not considered “mandated reporters” under California law, but volunteers should be aware of child abuse report requirements for school employees.
      • School personnel must report:
        • Cases of suspected infliction of physical or mental suffering on minor,
        • Cases of suspected physical injuries to minors by other than accidental means, and
        • Cases of suspected sexual molestation.
    If you become aware of suspected child abuse, report your observations to your supervising teacher or site administrator.

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