RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic at

    St. Vincent de Paul


    "Working with the Pittsburg Adult Education Center has been absolutely wonderful! Being entirely volunteer-staffed for each of our clinics, it greatly helps to have eager PAEC students fulfill these positions so that we can keep our doors open to the uninsured community."

    "Maria B. is wonderful! Professional, kind and very communicative. Great to work with. Jalil H. is very detailed, professional, and diligent. A pleasure to work with. Felicia J. is very eager...and sweet! Desiree C. is very motivated. Wonderful!"


    Drea Riquelme, M.A., Clinic Operations Manager


    Delta Medical Services


    "We were a fledgling small business when we came in contact with the Pittsburg Adult Education Center (PAEC). At the time we were in the midst of surviving challenges that small businesses face. The Delta-PAEC partnership has become a trusted one. We're assured that intership candidates are motivated and vetted by PAEC. Ana, the lead instructor, incorporated some of our suggestions about tailoring the medical billing and coding curriculum. This shows the dedication that PAEC management has with regards to the success of their students. PAEC has also been proactive in seeking feedback about the intern's performance at Delta."


    "We hope to continue our relationship with PAEC and provide employment to keep our community thriving."


    Chintan and Nisha Purohit, Owners/Operators