How can a Parent and Family Liaison help?


     A Parent and Family Liaison is an individual who works to foster and bridge the communication between a school and home by helping parents and families get the information, assistance, and support they need to ensure their child's academic and social success in the school community.

    How can a Parent Liaison help?

    We help the school community in developing a parent and family-friendly school environment among staff, students and families. We can also develop programs and activities that foster collaborative partnerships with families in improving student success and achievement. We help enhance communication between families, the school and the district.

    Community Resources and Referrals to families: Glasses, Dental, School Supplies, Afterschool programs, housing, food, clothing, etc.


    What kind of support can the Parent Liaison provide?

    • Organize, coordinate and facilitate family education workshops and training sessions
    • Plan, develop and implement effective family engagement strategies to empower families as key decision makers in school governance committees such as ELAC, PTC, ETC
    • Respond to any inquiries and concerns you may have regarding school policies.
    • Promote and participate in family involvement programs
    • Provide families with educational workshops and training sessions