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Degrees and Certifications:

U.S. Marine Corps B.A. Philosophy

Mr. Hays

 Back to School Night zoom codes are on your students Clever page.


Weekly Lesson Plan

Class information


Welcome to 8th Grade U.S. History, I'm Mr. Hays.

4th  Quarter

Remind Codes

Yearbook: @haysbook
Cohort A perioda 5 and 6: @haysa2
Cohort B periods 5 and 6: @haysb2

1st Quarter


Cohort A: @haysgroupa

Cohort B:  @haysgroupb

Google Classroom codes are on Clever

Zoom:  Directions/schedules are on google classroom for your period



ZOOM    Meeting  rules

With Mr. HAYS


Our Zoom meetings will be a way for our class to see each other, talk and learn together.  I expect that you will behave the same as you would in my classroom.  Before you log in, find a quiet place, free from distractions; pets, siblings, television, etc


1. Make sure I know who you are. 

Student safety is my priority.   Display your first name or school username only.  Zoom is for my students only.


2. Keep your camera on at all times. 

Respect your classmates.  Do not take screenshots or pictures of our Zoom meeting.


3. Dress to impress.  

Dress appropriately, school dress code applies.


4. Keep yourself muted until it is your turn to speak.  

Hold the spacebar down to speak. Keep comments appropriate. 


5. Be a good digital citizen.  

Maintain RESPECT in speaking, writing and your actions. School rules apply


6. In groups of 10 or more, click “raise hand” if you want to contribute.   


7. Be Present.

Join the meeting on time.  Multitask and eat later.