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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

  • Summer School Course Outline


    The Structure and Function of Body Systems


    Class Structure

    • Each class will me twice a week on Zoom for approximatly 30-40 minutes
    • Weekly readings, activities and assignments will be posted in Google Classroom
    • Live stream Extra Help Hours will be avalible weekly at a consistant time (TBD)


    UPDATED: Class Times

    Every Monday & Thursday on Zoom at the following time:

    ALL CLASSES - 10:40 AM


    10:40 AM - MON/THUR

    Time: Every week on Mon, Thu, until Jul 16, 2020

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 815 0778 5871

    Password: 8BiUwN



    Class Access

    • Your Google Classroom classes should link directly from your Clever account


    Youtube directions for logging into Goggle Classroom

    Logging into Google Classroom via Clever


    Clever Student Login



    • Student login ID: Perm ID
    • Student password: pusdPermID (pusd12345)



    • I plan to post assignments via Google Classroom.  I am new to Google classroom so expect me to bumble through it a bit.
  • Gizmos


    Several assignments will require a Gizmos account to complete the coursework.

    I will go over how to get started and begin each Gizmos activity in a livestream class meeting. 



    If you want to get set up early, use the links and instuctions in the Gizmos Guide to get started:


    click -> Gizmos Guide <- click


    If you have any questions about log-in and assignments or need help recovering a log-in ID or password please email me at: