Here at Marina Vista we are dedicated to providing an excellent school experience for our students.  In addition to our academic programs we have many extracurricular activities at MVE that we encourage our students to participate in.  The following is a list of how your student can get more involved in their school experience:


    Student Council: The Student Council is a governing body made up of 3rd-5th grade students at MVE.  Students are elected in the fall and remain in their positions during the course of the schoolyear.  Their responsibilities include planning, and hosting school fundraisers and student activities, as well as giving input in how to spend our All Student Body (ASB) funds and how to improve our school experience for our students.  Students must be in good academic standing and exemplify our school rules and lifeskills in order to participate.  Please contact our Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Ton, for further information.


    Newspaper Staff: Every year some of our 4th and 5th grade students meet after school on Fridays to publish our school newspaper.  Our newspaper includes informative articles about things going on in our school community as well as fun games for the students.  The newspaper staff meets after school on Fridays and students must apply to participate in the fall.  It is a yearlong commitment.  For more information on how your child can get involved, please contact   Mr. Jonah Tice.


    Marina Vista Choir: Marina Vista has a choir composed of 4th and 5th graders lead by Mr. Hamalainen, our music teacher! Look out for audition information and concert dates to support our choir students.


    5th Grade Beginning Band: Marina Vista is debuting a beginning band! This is something 5th graders can sign up to do. Talk to Mr. Hamalainen, our music teacher for information on joining.


    Peace Makers: This year some of our 3rd-5th grade students are working as our MVE Peace Makers. They help other students solve problems on campus during recess and lunch. This is a part of our implementation of Soul Shoppe on campus. 


    MVE Safety Patrol: Each year some of our 3rd-5th graders are selected to serrve as our MVE Safety Patrol. Their job is to help set up and clean up our playground equipment as well as helping to make sure all students are playing safely during recess and lunch. 


    Lunchtime Intramurals: Every year, students are offered the opportunity to play in Lunchtime Intramurals in the Spring. Sports, such as basketball, soccer, and flag football are offered to the 4th and 5th grade students while structured play games (Red Light/Green Light, tag games, etc.) are offered to 1st-3rd grade students. Students sign up during their P.E. classes with the P.E. teachers and are assigned to different teams. The purpose is to give students structured opportunities to engage in sports during lunch and to develop their athletic skills and sportsmanship.


    Book Club: Every year at Marina Vista our Library Technician hosts an after school Book Club for students who are interested in reading for fun.  The club rotates grade levels and students can sign up when it is their grade level's turn. Students meet weekly to read together and to discuss the selected book. Please contact Mrs. Letha Arms for additional information.


    MVE Family Nights: Every year, Marina Vista hosts Family Nights such as P.E. Night, Math Night, Science Night, Literacy Night, College Night, etc.. These are great opportunities for our students and parents to learn about our programs all while having a great time.  It is also a good time for parents to meet other parents and teachers and to become active members in our school community.