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Online Learning Administrator—Acellus English Department Chair Ethnic Studies Educator BDHS Afterschool Online Admin/Facilitator M.Ed. Administration M.Ed. Cross Cultural Education B.S. English: concentration in technical and screenplay writing PUSD and OUSD Success 101 and Success Academy Program Developer PUSD Acellus Evening School Co-Creator CTA Unconscious Bias Certified Certified Social Justice Representative AVID Instructor Certified Mindfulness Instructor Secondary IB Certificated Muay Thai and Juijitsu Intermediate Motherhood Certified—Concentration: ‘ Tis Round the Clock

Casselberry, M. Ed.

I hope this page finds you well and ready to explore the depths of Black Diamond High School Distance Learning. I am the online learning Acellus Administrator , Ethnic Studies and English III educator at BDHS.  I have been teaching 6th-Early Adult English Education for over 20 years, and I thoroughly enjoy it. My teaching has taken me to distant lands domestically and abroad.  These experiences have equipped me to refine my craft and provide a space and platform for students to discover who they are and the varying perspectives that surround them. The objective of English I is built upon the foundation of Secondary Language Arts--which introduces students to relevance in reading, writing and independent voice. English I pupils are guided using EDI strategies and independently encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of the more intricate components of reading, writing, listening and speaking--advancing as they progress throughout their high school years. These are the necessary, transferable skills students will revisit, practice and enhance as they continue on to ERWC: narrate, reflect, analyze, inform, argue, predict, research and more. Using various texts, videos and discussions (which generate philosophical perspectives and Socratic Seminar dialogue), students will be able to comfortably demonstrate independent thought, writing voice and audience-appropriate language. The English III layout for the academic year is as follows: 

I.      Quarter 1


II.    Quarter 2


III.   Quarter 3


IV.   Quarter 4




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    "Students must have initiative;

    they should not be mere imitators.

    They must learn to think 

    and act for themselves--and be free!"


    ~Cesar Chavez

  • As a result of the global spread of COVID-19, BDHS will provide Distant Learning Opportunities for all students until TBD. Should your IEP or 504 indicate a need for modications or accomodations, it is by Ed. Code policy that these services be upheld to the best of our abilities. Please email any information to me that may enable me to best suit your academic needs.  

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