Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. EL

My name is Mr. EL (Mr. Ling - bah -one) Mr. Lingbaoan,

     A little about me.  I have had 6 years of education in Medicine and 5 1/2 years of education for Physical Education.  I have been an educater for near 20 years.  2 years, Bradshaw Christian School, South Sacramento, 6 1/2 years, Willow Cove Elementary and 10 years Foothill Elementary here in Pittsburg.  Something cool I did this summer, I went Kayaking in one of the many lakes in Arnold.  Something that makes me a little sad, is I won't be seeing all your bright and shiny faces anytime soon, unless we get a valid and proved vaccine to the Corona Virus. Something cool that happened to me this summer is I beat Cancer. 

     Distance Learning is in full affect.  PE (Physical Education)  will be pushing into classroom introducing myself and explaining the new norms and how the class will work.  Since sheltering in place last March, our teachers having been hard at work preparing several platforms to have a vigorous and engaging school year.  It took longer for all prepratory classes to get up and running since PE, Science and Music will see the whole school population and trying to find applications or platforms that does or fulfills the states requirements of Distance Learning.

     Each grade level has a tab, that lists a large part of the lessons we have learned, will have learned or are going to learn through ZOOM, Flip Grid, Google Classroom and when we return to Face to Face teaching.  All parents are welcome to look throughout the grade levels.  I have a lock step program that teaches lessons in first grade, that are built upon through successive years culminating in several games or sports by the 5th grade.

To access links to all the platforms being used for Distance Learning PE navigate to CLEVER and GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

To communicate with the myself, Class Dojo is the best platform to reach me.