Distance Learning (at a glance)

  •    Distance Learning is in full affect.  PE (Physical Education) will be pushing in the next couple weeks, since sheltering in place last March, our teachers having been hard at work preparing several platforms to have a vigorous and engaging school year.  It took longer for all prepratory classes to get up and running since PE, Science and Music will see the whole school population and trying to find applications or platforms that support and may fulfills the states requirements of Distance Learning.

        PE will be using CLASS DOJO for communication with parents, CLEVER for communication with students, GOOGLE CLASSROOM to identify assignments and record participation, FLIP GRID will be used as the physical to identify proper forms of skills and activties, ZOOM will be used for face to face interaction, questions and directions for up coming assignments and the PE Youtube channel are for special projects visited throughout the year.

    • To access links to all the platforms being used for Distance Learning PE navigate to CLEVER and GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 

        2019 2020 school year Physical Education Journals recorded throughout the summer for Grades 2,3,4 and 5, either include them in your first FLIP GRID assignment or drop off your journals at the school office during Monday and Thursday food pick ups.

        Reminder at the top right of each page is the students name, below that their teachers name and below that their room number.   Thank You.