• Hello Families!

    I hope if you are reading this page, you and your family are doing well. I miss our kids!

    I have added a few things to the "Website" page. Most activities I will encourage and recommend for your child to work on will be through Clever.

    Check out our "Weekly Accomplishments." 
    This is where every Monday morning, I will upload recommended learning resources and let you know about activities you can complete during the week.  I will assigned through programs like, eSpark or iReady. I can check on how your kids are doing on my end.  I will also be including attachments for work that was typical in our classroom, familiar to the children.
    No printer? No problem. Nothing is expected to be turned in or "due."  My hope is that you can at least view activities and tasks! Just looking at attachments, possibly writing answers on a piece of paper,  or even have a discussion about the activities IS learning!

    Again, nothing is due at this time, I am trying to create a routine that is familiar to the kids. The activities should be review, so if your child is struggling, find something else to do, or contct me.

    I wish you all good health!

    Mrs. De Hart


    *Check out the music Music Teacher, Ms. Salvador's Teacher page for activities.  http://msalvador.weebly.com/marina-vista-elementary.html

    Mr. Jackman is sending activities to keep fit and healthy through ClassDojo smile