• Thursday 4/9 Creative Expression & P.E.

    Posted by Brittany Bronsord on 4/9/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Let's get active! 

    Complete the 30 minute P.E. lesson 

    Click here to do the P.E. exercise

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  • Thursday 4/9 Science

    Posted by Brittany Bronsord on 4/9/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Go on a Virtual Field trip to Monterey Aquarium:

    Watch the live cam of the ocean animals at Monterey Aquarium to help get you inspired for your animal brochure

    Click here to go to the Monterey Aquarium 


    Watch Mystery Science Video and Answer Writing Prompt:

     Click here to watch Mystery Science Video

    Look out your window and see what birds you can see. Think about the mystery science video you just watched. Now I want you to use your imagination..

    Pretend you are a bird for a day. What did you eat? Did you make any friends? Lay any eggs? 

    Describe your day then draw a photo of your bird

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  • Thursday 4/9 Math

    Posted by Brittany Bronsord on 4/9/2020

    Fun Activity:

    Let's practice Measurement!

    Grab a shoe and a book. Measure a variety of objects in your house to find out how many “shoes long” or “books long” the objects are. 


    Printable version of Measurement chart above:

    Click here to access printable version of Measurement Chart


    Login to Freckle Link and do Math:

    1. Math Facts for 10 minutes

    2.  Adaptive Math for 20 minutes

    **Login instructions for Freckle under the learning resources tab. 


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  • Thursday 4/9 Reading, Phonics and Writing

    Posted by Brittany Bronsord on 4/9/2020

    Reading, Writing and Science Assignment:

    Create an Ocean animal Brochure:

    Due Friday, April 10th 

     Here is an example:

    brochure 1 BRochure

    The brochure needs the following sections:

    1. Cover page with Animal and illustration of animal

    2. Diet

    3. Habitat

    4. Interesting Facts page

    5. Appearance

    6. Physical features that help it survive (does it camouflage, swim fast, sting their prey?)

    • Login to Epic to search any ocean animal book or you can use an ocean animal we have already studied. I uploaded our ocean animal powerpoints to class dojo.


    **Login instructions for EPIC under learning resources tab


    Phonics Assignment:

    Login to I-ready and complete the assignment "Find Main Ideas and Details" to practice your skills.

    **Login instructions for I-ready under learning resources tab

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