Welcome everyone and good morning boys and girls!

    This is my first time for setting up online learning! I'm using all 3 of our 3 P's! Practice, patience and perseverance!

    Hope you're doing well and staying safe!

    Remember to practice your 5 - 25 - 5 - 5 with your family. For the 5 nice long deep breaths, think of 5 people you love! For the 2nd 5 nice long deep breaths, think of these 5 phrases; We love you, We care about you, We believe in you, Always focus on your goals and dreams, We know you can make them happen!

    Remember while you're at home! Use your imagination and if you don't have access to the equipment you see, make your own and or pretend! You can use socks, rolled up paper with rubberbands around them (if you have rubberbands), balloons, water bottles, and... so many other items! Check with an adult as you create! 

    Keep working on our Olympics Dance and Olympics Cheer! Share the Dance steps and the sports from the Olympics Cheer with someone at home! Do you remember where the Olympics are going to be held? 

    All the lessons and activities are in the Link Library! Remember to use your imagination and improvise on equipment! 

    Keep on moving! Here's a "Rollercoaster Cheer" and a "Cheese Cheer" for you! Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dolphins! 

     Stay safe! Ms. S



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