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  • October 29th 2020;


    Parents and Students of Black Diamond High School:



    I would like to take a minute to inform you of a significant change to our credit recovery program at Black Diamond High School. Due to some issues with the content in the program we have begun phasing out our current online credit recovery program, Acellus, and will be introducing a new credit recovery program Edgenuity.  This program has several benefits for students, including a more streamlined and user-friendly process, note-taking capabilities and other features that have not been previously available.  As the online credit recovery program is a significant part of how students can earn additional credit at Black Diamond, I wanted to let you know what that means and how to access the new material.  


    What does this mean for students currently working on classes in Acellus?  If you are actively working on classes in Acellus, you will be allowed to keep them until either the end of this quarter, December 18th, or until you finish the classes whichever comes first.  By actively working, we mean students that have logged in recently and consistently over the last month.  We are trying to ensure minimal difficulties for students that are working in Acellus.  This also only applies to classes that you are currently enrolled in.  Once these courses are complete any new courses will be added in the Edgenuity program.  For any course not completed by December 19th, the student will receive credits for the work completed, and then will be given the remaining material to finish in Edgenuity.  


    What does this mean for students who have not been working in Acellus, or are new students?  If you have not been working on your Acellus or you are new to BDHS, your counselor reviewed your progress and turned in any credits that you earned within the program (based on the progress you made), they will be reflected on your transcript shortly if they are not already.  The counselor will be adding the course work that you need to Edgenuity which should be up and running for student use next week.


    How to access Edgenuity?  One of the upsides to this program is that there is no additional login and password information that you need to know.  The access point for this program will be available through the CLEVER platform you already use to access your Google Classrooms.  Your counselor will notify you of what classes you have or you can just check the platform. 


    Why is this program important?  While you are able to earn credits at an accelerated pace at Black Diamond, most students need additional credits beyond what they can earn during the school day.  This program allows you students to earn additional credits at their own pace.  In a lot of cases, if you want to graduate on-time you are going to have to complete some of your courses on this online platform.


    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the school or your student’s counselor for additional information.



    Brian Wilson


    Black Diamond High School  




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  • Below are the links for accessing Google Classroom and Clever. 








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  • For Instructions on how to create an Aeries Portal account please click on the link below:




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  • New School Immunization Law 2019



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  • OCR Compliance Memo



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