Clever is the universal login website that we will use to access Google Classroom, Learning A-Z, Zoom, and Boom Cards


    To log into Clever, students use their 5-digit student ID as their username and their password is "pusd" + their student ID. For example:

    Username: 12345

    Password: pusd12345


    • Google Classroom: This is where I will post assignments and students can turn them in in the "Classwork" section. If you download the Google Classroom app, you can take a picture of the completed assignment and post it in Google Classroom. Log in to Clever to access Google Classroom. 


    • Learning A-Z: We will be using Learning A-Z for reading practice. Students can record themselves reading and taking quizzes. Log in to Clever to access Learning A-Z. 


    • Zoom: This is where we will be holding our live lessons. The direct link to the live lesson is on Clever. Just click on the link and it will take you directly to our live lessons every day. 


    • Boom Cards: Boom Cards are a fun and interactive way to reinforce skills we have learned in class. Your child's username is their 5-digit student ID and their password is pusd. Log in to Clever to access Boom Cards. 


    • Remind: Remind will be our method of communication. Sign up for Remind to receive text reminders.                                                 




    Clever for PUSD