• How to turn in your science fair project

    Posted by Rachelle Fabionar on 5/8/2020

    Science Fair projects are due Friday, May 15th.


    What to turn in: 

    * photo of your complete display board (horizontal) 

    * project planner

    permission to share your work or any photos of you.  I will be creating a slideshow of all the projects

    * OPTIONAL: you can include additional photos (horizontal view is best), photos of yourself during the project, or any videos


    Example of what your display board should look like in the horizontal view.

    example of horizontal photo



    How to turn in your project:

    * email projects to rfabionar@pittsburg.k12.ca.us

    * in the email heading include first and last name and room number (VERY IMPORTANT)

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  • Science Fair Update

    Posted by Rachelle Fabionar on 4/6/2020

    I encourage students to continue working on their science fair projects.  Although, sadly, we won't be returning to the school, I am working on creating a virtual science fair that we can all participate in at Foothill.

    The science fair's original due date was Wednesday, May 6th.  I have decided to extend the due date for the projects to be completed and turned in by May 15th.  Projects will be turned in to my email at rfabionar@pittsburg.k12.ca.us Email the project planner and a picture of the display board that shows all the parts clearly for us to read.  Include a picture of yourself with the project as well.  Once I have all the photos, I will put togther a slideshow that shows off all the projects.

    Below are my files for the application and project planner.

    Science Fair Application English

    Science Fair Application Spanish

    Project Planner English

    Project Planner Spanish

    Please don't hesitate to reach out for help!  I am here to support you.  I can't wait to see your projects.  Have fun!


    Science Fair FAQ's

    When is the science fair due? - Friday May 15th

    What is due? Submit the completed project planner, research, and pictures of your display boards. Please take one picture of your display that shows the whole board with your name. You can add more pictures.

    Do I need to complete a board? Yes, please complete a board and take pictures.

    Where do I turn in my project? Please email me at rfabionar@pittsburg.k12.ca.us

    Can I turn the project in early? Yes you can! I received my first completed project this week.

    Once I get all the projects, I will be putting together a slide show of pictures. Please make sure student name, grade, and room number is included on your submission and project.

    Please check my teacher classroom page each week for information on the science fair, along with the weekly lessons.

    This week (4/20) the 5th graders are to give me a summary of where they are in the process. Projects are due in 3 weeks. Still plenty of time to complete. Please email me any questions and keep checking my web page for information.



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