• While we are remote learning, you are still expected to complete your assignments and submit them to us via email or remind. Unfortunately, because of the shelter in place order and health crisis, I AM UNABLE TO ACCEPT PHYSICAL COPIES OF YOUR WORK. ONLY ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.



    1. First, take a picture with your phone of your assignment(s) and be sure that the whole page is visible.
    2. Login to your personal email account, open a new message, and enter my email address: ajones@pittsburg.k12.ca.us
    3. In the subject line, put your first and last name and class period. I may not be able to grade your assignments if your name is not written somewhere on your assignment.
    4. Then, click on the paper clip icon/image to attach your picture(s). You can send all pictures or files in the same email.
    5. Once finished, click send. I will reply to you when I have received it.