• Graduates of Black Diamond High will:

    Demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak effectively:

    • Convey thoughts effectively in writing
    • Read with comprehension and fluency
    • Speak and listen effectively and respectfully to others
    • Apply reading, writing and spelling skills reflectively

    Use mathematical knowledge and technology to solve problems, make decisions, and complete projects

    • Apply problem-solving processed to real life situations
    • Identify, organize, analyze and assess information
    • Understand the role of technology in higher education and the work place

    Gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to enter a career field, technical institution, college or university or military service

    • Set and achieve goals
    • BE aware of future strategies
    • Utilize test taking strategies
    • Write resumes and fill out applications for employment

    Demonstrate a responsible, healthy lifestyle

    • Exhibit good attendance, behavior and productivity
    • Exhibit personal and civic responsibility
    • Show respect for self and others