Board Goals

  • 1.       Student Achievement

    • Students will demonstrate continuous improvement in academic excellence, as measured by clear and accessible multiple assessments
    • Opportunity gaps will have accelerated reduction through purposeful interventions and supports, including Ethnic Studies
    • Our belief is every student is entitled to a high school diploma and our goals and commitment is to achieve a 100% graduation rate

    2.       Powerful Instruction

    • Effective instruction aligned to the common core will be expected, supported, and measured to ensure continuous improvement of student achievement

    3.       Outstanding Staff

    • The District will recruit Highly Qualified and appropriately credentialed teachers
    • The District will support, retain and promote quality staff through good working conditions, competitive total compensation packages, and coaching and professional development

    4.       Quality Learning Environment

    • High quality facilities
    • Safe, orderly, and secure schools
    • School site culture of caring and respect
    • State of the art technology

    5.       High-Performing, Accountable Organization

    • Fiscal stability and responsible long-range planning
    • Comprehensive accountability system
    • Effective informational and instructional technology
    • Responsible, respectful, efficient and transparent service

    6.       Meaningful Collaboration, Partnership, and Parental Engagement

    • Timely and accessible communication with community
    • Strategic community partnerships
    • Focus on parent and student engagement, including diverse opportunities for involvement
    • Strong communication and relationships between parents/guardians and schools
    • Proactive engagement in students' academic and personal growth
    • Board and superintendent and staff communication

    Last Updated on February 2021