• Your week of 3/30 - 4/3 activity for #4. This is your first week for my class graded assignments.

    Football Forward Passing/Catching

    Practice the following skills with a friend or family member. Forward Passing. The ball should be gripped lightly behind the middle with the fingers on the lace. The thumbs & fingers should be relaxed. In throwing, the opposing foot should point in the direction of the pass, with the body turned sideways. In preparation for the pass, the ball is raised up & held over the shoulders. The ball is delivered directly forward with an overhand movement off the arm and with the index finger pointing towards the line of flight. Catching. When making a catch, the receiver should keep both eyes on the ball and catch it in the hands with a slight give. As soon as the ball is caught, it should be tucked into the carrying position. The little fingers are together for most catches. Practice and have fun with it!

    if you don't have a football at home use any playground ball, beanbag, stuffed animal or a small pillow to have fun playing throw and catch. Try to keep the object 'in play' as many times as possible. You may design a game with points.....just have fun with it!

    If you don't have a partner to play with you may figure out ways to practice tossing and catching the object while performing stunts. For example stand in place, toss overhead and perform full turn before catching it. You may touch the floor, clap your hands .....you get the idea, right?

    Have a great weekend and I will 'see ya' next Friday with another #4 activity of the week.

    Goooooo Tigers!!!!

    Week of 4/6-4/9  This is your second week

    Frisbee fun with your partner(s)

    Throwing the disk. Backhand throw is used most often. The thumb is on top of the disk, the index finger along the rim, and other fingers underneath. To throw the frisbee with right hand, stand in a sideways position with the right foot forward the target. Step toward the target and throw the frisbee in a sideways motion across the body, snapping the wrist and trying to keep the disk flat on release. Underhand throw uses the same grip as in the backhand throw, but the thrower faces the target and holds the disk at side of the body. Step forward with the leg opposite the throwing arm while bringing the disk forward. When the throwing arm is out in front of the body, release it. The trick to this throw is learning to release the disk so that it is parallel to the ground.

    Catching the disk. Thumb-down catch is used when the disk is received at waist level or above. The thumb is pointing toward the ground. The frisbee should be tracked from the thrower's hand. This clues the catcher about any tilt on the disk that may cause it to curve. Thumb-up catch is used when the disk is received below waist level. The thumb points up and the fingers are spread. Pancake (sandwich, clap) catch is the easiest to learn. You need to stand facing the incoming disk with your hands open in front of you. Make sure your hands are fairly close but yet open and ready to 'welcome' incoming disk. It is a good idea to have your top hand at 45 degree angle so the disk will fly in without hurting your fingers. Catch the disk between your hands.

    Activities: throw disk at different levels to partner, throw a bounce pass, throw through a hoop, catch it under your leg, behind your back....you aslo can invent your own game/activity.

    If you don't have a partner you may throw it slightly forward and run to catch it or you can throw it for a distance or have a target.

    The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

    Since this will be the week before Easter I wish you and your family to stay positive, safe, healthy and happy!

    "See you' after Easter break!

     Week of 4/20 - 4/24. This is your third week.

    Your extra activity for this week is "Ping Cone" game created by MLK PE Scholars!

    It is very simple and fun activity for everyone. All you need is a plastic cone and any small ball. It could be tennis ball, ping pong ball (the name came from it), pickle ball....literally any small ball will work. First practice yourself tossing the ball up with one hand and try to catch it with the cone. Once this is successful toss the ball using the cone and catching it so it's inside the cone. When you feel you have control with the toss/catch play throw and catch with a partner or partners. You can invent game with points throwing it for a distance or using different tricks such as under your leg, behind your back....It is so much fun! I played it myself with my scholars from my awesome advisory class. They came up with all kinds of variations of this activity. The cones can be purchased in most stores and they are not expensive. If you don't have a ball your can make one - 'paper ball'. The idea is to be moving and having fun. Let's go Tigers!

    Just Dance

     The above and below links are for your extra activity for week of 4/27-5/1. This is your 4th week. Enjoy the dance!

    Just Dance 2

    Just Dance 3

    Week of 5/4 - 5/8. This is your 5th week.

    1.Every day do our warm-up routine or design your own!

    2. Don't forget about your written assignment - one prompt per week

    3. Do 3 days of fitness logs. Tell me what did you do this week to keep you physically active and fit!

    4 Fun activity for this week will be - JUGGLING scarfs or other objects.

    So, this week I would love for you to challenge yourself with some juggling skills. Please use the Youtube links below to work on your eye-hand coordination. But for most I would like for you to have fun with it. I certanely did! I can juggle 3 tennis balls! Can you? I am working on 4th now ??? It takes time to learn to be in control over the juggling objects but it is possible with practice and patience. My advice is to start with the scarfs - its easier to keep control. You can also use things like tennis balls, any small balls, folded in socks, apples, and even toilet paper rolls :) You can learn and challenge your family members! I also provided a link to a world's record in juggling. That is really impressive and fun to watch. Please take time during this week to practice and have fun!!!

    You can also write about your experiences with the juggling skills, and this could be your written part for PE assignment. How awesome would that be?! You can also video tape yourself juggling and send it to me. I already have video of one of my scholars doing modified warm-up routine. She is amazing. I would really love to see you being physically active as it builds your immune system and it keeps you strong and healthy.  GOOOOO TIGERSSSSS!!!!

    Basic juggling


    3 scarfs juggling



    this is how to learn to juggle 3 balls.


    world's records juggling

    Week of 5/11 - 5/15 This is your 6th week

    This week I would like you to challenge yourself and maybe your family memebers to a fitness frenzy workout. You can try them all or pick your favorite.

    These are your 4 Active Home Challenges for this week:

    1. Tennis challenge

    You need a frying pan and a pair of socks folded into a ball. Hold the frying pan just like a tennis or pickelball raquet with it's face up. How many 'keep-ups' can you do without loosing control and dropping the socks? You can add time limit or flip the frying pan and try to keep the socks bounce off th pan as many times as possible. I did 11! How many can you do?

    2. Toilet paper edition fitness

    Starting from standing position try to do push-ups balancing the toilet paper roll on your head without dropping it. I did 5. How many can you do in a minute (60 seconds)?

    3. Bottle flip fever

    Do 5 jumping jacks - stop- flip the bottle (try 2 times if you don't make it the first time)-do another set of jumping jacks - flip the bottle again- do jumping jacks....and so on. How many successful bottle flips did you get in a minute? Instead of jumping jacks you can do a different exercise: push-ups, curl-ups.....

    4. Plank challenge.

    You will need 3 things. It could be 3 rolls of toilet paper, 3 staffed animals, 3 cans of soup, 3 dog toys....whatever is available and not too big. Get into plank position, put all the 3 items on one side of your hand. Now, try to keep your plank position, and using the hand closer to the 3 things, move them one by one to the other hand side (placing them by the other hand). Keep them closer together, it's easier. While you are still in a plank position do the opposite and transfer them back. Make sure you passed your hand that is on the floor. Set timer for 1 minute. How many times can you place the toys from one side to the other? It counts for one to move the 3 items from one side to another.


    Last weeks of remote learning lesson ideas for you!

     Yoga 1

    Why yoga? Benefits of doing yoga.

    Yoga for kids

    10 easy yoga poses

    yoga for beginners

    Move & Freeze



    This is our last time lesson ideas for you. Above you see all the links for you to explore and enjoy!

    Please make sure you follow our weekly schedule:

    Number 1. Don't forget to do your warm-up routine every day, even on the weekends; you are not at school so you need to do an extra effort to be active.

    Number 2. - Please remember to do your written assignment for every week missed. It's easy and helps you stay focused on school. One prompt a week about your favorite sport, sport persona, nutrition, fitness, health or anything PE related. I love to hear your thoughts. I already gotten to know you better reading all your work!

    Number 3. - You really need to do your fitness/activity logs. You are home, eating and not moving as much as you would at school during PE. You need to continue doing your physical activities. It is so important for your health and immune system. Strong body = strong mind and spirit. Body in motion stays in motion!

    Number 4. - Since the school is almost over I would like you to use some or all of the links provided to keep yourself moving. Chose the one you like, share it with your family members, and friends. The idea is you are physically active and staying in shape. So, for the fun activity I will call it: Yoga practice and dance/zumba moves for everyone.

    Please remember you can use any ideas from any week. I would like you to stay active as it is mandated and expacted of you. Besides it is FUN! Try to set up a goal for yourself to be active every day! For example: this week I will get better at juggling skills, or I will learn a new dance moves or I will find time to go for a walk/jog......the idea is you are managing your time so you are physically busy even though you are not at school in PE.

    So, this is it. The school is almost over. It was a different way of learning for sure. I hope you will remember the positive things during very challenging times. I miss you all. You have been amazing communicating with me, sending me your assignments, and doing zoom times. I would like to THANK YOU and I can't wait to see you at school!

    Please take care of yourself and stay safe and happy! Remember we are the TIGERS and we do ROARRRRRR!

    Your PE Teacher - Mrs. K. from the PE UNIVERSE!!!

    One more thing.....

    Since the school year is almost over I would like you to create your VACATION WORKOUT PLAN.

    You may use the ideas/youtube links from my webpage. It is important that you do not stop being physically active during your summer vacation. Here is an example of 'stay fit weekly schedule'

    Monday - Full body work out; use our warm up routine or create your own.

    Tuesday - Just Dance, Zumba or cha-cha-slide

    Wednesday - Open for your favorite sport/activity: football, soccer, volleyball, karate, swimming, tennis, track and field, frisbee....

    Thursday - Run Day

    Friday - Jump rope or fitness (total body or specific work out:cardio abs, arms, lover body)

    Saturday - Fun activities: juggling, ping-cone, or your own ideas

    Sunday - Acitve Recovery (yoga, walk) or full-on rest.

    This is an example. You need to create your very own one. Have fun with it! Playing sports and being physically active is not only healthy its a life style! Remember PE is for life!