Hillview Mosaic
  • At Hillview Junior High School, we envision a respectful and trusting student-centered environment with:
    • Strong community-school connections 
    • Shared decision-making with the community as a norm 
    • Clear and high expectations 
    • A collaborative, cooperative, and safe learning and work environment 
    • Appreciation of our cultural and ethnic diversity 
    • Respect for individual differences 
    • Ongoing reflection, assessment, and evaluation of all facets of the learning community 
    • An integrated, interdisciplinary, meaning-centered curriculum accessible to all students 

    As a schoolwide program, our goal is to provide relevant, challenging work for all students as we link business, community and parents. We view parents as partners in providing experiences that are the foundation and support of learning. Our goal is to prepare our diverse student body with the knowledge and skills to face the challenge of living and working in the technological, information-based world of the 21st century. We will make significant improvements in test scores this year!
    School Mission Statement
    Hillview Junior High School collaborates with students, parents, and community partners to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for their future using a strategic approach of developing critical thinking, emphasizing effective communication, and instilling accountability and independence.