First of all I wanted to tell you that I MISS YOU ALL!

    I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself. Please remember we are TIGER STRONG!

    Here you will find very important instructions to break down the work load for you by the week. Please follow the steps below:

    1. - Do our PE warm-up routine every day between your school work (other teachers assignments); suggested time 11:45 - 12:00. If you don't remember our stretches, look up 'PE warm-up' on my website under Assignments.

    2. - Complete 1 page written assignment for each week you are out of school. You have 2 options to choose from for the written part (option A or option B):

    A. You may use the prompts on the first page of the PE packet. From the 13 options choose at least one per week. Use the link or hard copy of the PE packet. You are also welcome to use the extra prompts on my website: 'Physical Education Writing Prompts'/Assignments.

    B. Or, you can find an article about your favorite sport/activity, nutrition, fitness, or anything you may find relevant to PE/physical activity. Please include your source such as internet, book, magazine,.....In your response summarize the article and explain how it affects you, what have you learned and if it is important to you and why? Again, you need only one page writing per week.

    Note: For the first week you may use the article provided in the PE packet "Exploring the Mysteries of Exercise". Answer all the questions in at least 3 complete sentences each. You may either print the last 2 pages out, or hand write the questions on a piece of paper and answer them. This is only one time option for one week.

    3. - Create your own 3 days fitness/activity log.

    See page 2 in PE packet. You need to do 3 logs per week. Log #1 for Monday, Log #2 for Wednesday, and Log #3 for Friday. This is just an example, you choose your fitness log days. You also can go to 'Fitness Activity Log & Exercise List' under my Assignments and create your very own fitness log! Let's go TIGERS!

    4. -  Fun Physical Activity of your choice for the 1 or 2 days left of the week. Please feel free to check out 'Individual & Family Fun Activities' under my Assignments or come up with your choice of an activity/sport.

    Every Friday I will also upgrade info for you for #4 for the following week. It's under 'MY PE Fun Activity of the week'. The rest stays the same for every week as explained above.

    So, if you need to see an idea for #4 look it up.


    Let me explain:

    Since we are not coming back to school this school year I need to be able to collect your work via technology. One way to do this is: take a picture of your work with your phone and send it to me via my school email or remind. PE Grade is important. Make sure you send me your weekly assignment work. I am upgrading your PE grade as soon as I get work from you. You are also requared to connect with me via zoom. My office hours and zoom sessions are to be find under 'contact me' on this website. Please stay connected - it is important!

    Once you completed your work, take a picture of it with your phone and send it to me via my school email or remind. 

    I need to have the following to be included for each week:

    Page 1: Your name _______________________________ PE Period ______ Week of:  3/30-4/3 This is your first week of assignments for my class. For next (2nd week) you will put 4/6-4/9 and so on...

    Page 2: Your Written Assignment (1 topic per week)

    Page 3: Your fitness/activity log (3 logs)

    You need to do this for every week you are out of school. I suggest you have a separate binder/folder titled: "PE assignments". My advise is to send it to me every Friday after the whole week of your PE remote learning work has been completed.

    You may add Page 4 (for each week) with an activity for the two or one of the other days of the week for an extra credit for PE. For example you may write: Page 4: 'On Wednesday I played "ping cone" game from Ms. K's website with my friends', or you may say: ' On Tuesday I played football or basketball with my brother and sister". On Friday I did 'just dance' from Ms.K's youtube link........... I just want to know if you are keeping yourself physically active and had some fun? Remember, everything you do for my class is important to me so it should be to you!

    I hope you are clear about the expectations. Above of all I really would like you to stay healthy and happy. Remember I am very proud of you all and you are TIGER STRONG!!!