• Publish is taking the revisions and edits that I made and put it on a fresh paper in my best writing.


    Here is my publish for the topic: Are dogs better pets, or cats? Why?


    Dogs are better pets than cats. One reason dogs are better are because they are friendly. Dogs always want to be around you and play. They love to cuddle up with you on the couch. Some people might say cats are friendly, but they are only nice when they want something. Another reason is because dogs can protect you. Many dogs are great guard dogs. They will bark when a stranger comes to your door, or growl when they know someone isn't kind. Cats will scratch people, but not because they are protecting you. Finally, dogs are better pets than cats because they help keep you fit. Dogs all need exercise to stay healthy. You should take your dog out for a walk at least once a day. Keeping your dog healthy, keeps you healthy. These are the reasons why dogs make better pets than cats.


    Does your child have to write this much? No, but I would like at least 8 sentences. The topic sentence and the concluding sentences give you 2. When you have three reasons and a detail for that reason, it will give you 6 more sentences. That adds up to 8 sentences total. Anything more is great, but not necessary right now. I have put the topic sentence and concluding sentences in bold. I tried to put the other sentences in the colors that correspond to the Circle Map and Treep Map Example.